Lessons On Self-Love - Bk2 Ch6 - Be More Present in your Now Experience


Be More Present in your Now Experience

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This was channelled by Daniel Scranton, and was just posted on Facebook on 28th August 2017, and as synchronicity was very relevant to my current topic about lessons. 

Enhance Your Life Experience ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have discovered that the fastest way for you to enhance your life experience is to stop whatever you are doing and be more present with it. We have noticed that humans are eager to get to some future moment that will be better than the one they are currently in, and this actually holds you back because there is no way to offer a vibration from the future.

You can only offer a vibration from the now moment. The more deeply you connect with the now moment, the more you are able to appreciate about it. The more you are able to take in with your five senses, the more you can feel yourself moving through that experience. And that is the way to enhance every moment that you are lining up for yourselves as well.

This journey is ultimately about you. It’s not about getting to the perfect life or to the fifth dimension, or to outer space. It’s not about getting anywhere. It’s about becoming, and the process of becoming for all of you is anchored in the present moment and it is anchored in experience.

The only way for you to evolve is through experience, and when you rob yourselves of a large percentage of the experience you are having by not giving it your full attention, you also slow down that process of evolution that you are all so excited about. So please hear us when we say that the now moment is where it’s at.

And the quickest way for you to sink more deeply into the now moment is by taking a deep breath. By taking a deep breath, you immediately align all of your bodies – your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic. They all align because the breath solidifies your existence in the now moment.

Be willing to explore what is right in front of you with the curiosity of a child and with no expectation. Simply be with what is and see how your experience of it transforms right before your eyes. And as your experience transforms, so do you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you."

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Lessons On Self-Love - Bk2 Ch6 - Dark Angel


A Dark Angels messages on Life Lessons

The Dark Angel, that pretended to be this demon that was connected to Peter after his 28 day Fast, and he wants to add some things, channelled on 28th August 2017.

This anonymous angel says:-
  • "Yes, I was the one that pushed Peter down.  So I only come to people to help them change.  And I was the one that helped Peter prove to himself, that he could push against such an evil, such a dark negative force.

    I have no bad feelings about helping Peter, I have no bad feelings about forcing Peter to connect with his true inner strength.  As this connection to his true inner strength can grow stronger within him now, because he already connected to this.

    So I want to add some things that may help others in their own struggles: -

    - Only in this now you exist, so be strong and make positive changes now.  Do not say tomorrow, I will try again.  This will only allow you to continue on in your negative ways,  without ever changing.  As every day you will say 'tomorrow I will change'.  And this tomorrow never comes!  It's just a delay tactic we often use, and we can delay many for years in this way.

    - Create your own thoughts, like 'Milk is pus, it's no different than drinking from a boil on your skin, and cheese is just hard pus'.

    So Peter know's coffee makes his liver itch, he knows it's bad, he feels it inside his body.  So use your free will and go ahead make shit up.  Just make up a thought that may not exactly be real, but it helps you to be strong.  This will help Peter stop drinking coffee.

    Like a kid that won't eat pork, because of 'Babe' the kid's movie.  Or a kid that won't eat fish, because he has seen what happens to fish, in that 'finding nemo' movie.

    So be a kid, and make up your own reasons.  Help yourself with these thoughts and become who you want to be.

    So if you want to give up Meat, then use a thought like, 'Meat is just dead animal, that is already starting to rot, and Peter can taste the dead carcass when he eats meat'.  So this would help a human to stop eating meat, if that was their aim.

    - I want you all to see yourself as an extrapolation of energies in momentum.  The extrapolation is in the form seeing your current trajectory of the energy you are putting into something.  

    This sounds complicated, so a simpler way is to try imaging different vibrations of energy are either building up, or decreasing.  Like happiness, I as a Dark Angel can see a happiness level, and I can see it increasing, or decreasing, and where it is heading.  Like fear, I can see it causing an effect within you.

    However, things you're wanting to manifest are also vibrational energy levels.  Even your psychic abilities.  Physical things like muscles and fitness, you can already see.

    So in a longer term, I want you to all to realise you need to keep giving focus to things you are wanting to either build up, or put focus towards things you're hoping to manifest.  So it's important to imagine the trajectory, which is a level increasing or decreasing, or even a line over time that is either going positive up, or a negative line down.  So imagine you see the energy is continuing to build up over time or decrease over time.

    For example, like buying a house, a major undertaking.  If you stop the process of working, or finding another way to provide funds for this house, or you are divorced, then you could lose the house, and you will need to start again.

    So if something is important to you, then you should make a little time for it each day.  Then it will continue to grow, or manifest.  Otherwise, the momentum of the energy buildup can actually slow right down, or even go into reverse.

    So if you see that your spiritual growth is important, then continue to meditate, once a day.  So sometimes missing a day would not cause any problems for you.  But going for weeks without meditating would start causing you problems in this area.

    So if writing a book, is important to you.  Then you should continue on working on it.  Keep going with it every day, and maybe you stop for a holiday for a week or so, before continuing on.  But do you see how the momentum of energy is still increasing, still building up over the long term!  Where the opposite, is you stop writing in your book for 3 months.

    So you wish to diet, then continue with it every day.  As most people know, one big meal, can halt your weight loss, or can even increase your weight.

    So you see, we can also make you slowly build up negative habits or desires over time, and humans don't even notice.  Like getting Peter addicted to coffee again, as it only took a few coffee's, during a one week period.

    - All the people on earth are requiring to fund your own life styles.  You can be more inventive with this.  Find jobs you actually like or create other ways to provide for yourself.  Grow some of your own food in your yards, why not rip up your lawns.  You all just work like slaves, like blind worker drones.  It makes people so unhappy, and low vibrational.  Also, most of you just waste money when you have it, and buy things you don't want or need.  Like you buy expensive holidays, that make you tired for when you come back to work.

    - Now take away, your wants, and learn to live a minimalist life, so you are not always working.  You will find you will be much happier, and you will have more time to do things that you really want to do, instead of working all the time.  Not working as hard, will make you much happier.  Why don't humans rate happiness as important.  Some of the poorest people are happy.  So aren't these poor people more wealthy than a miserable cranky rich man.

    - Negative thoughts and emotions are often pushed upon people, and you are totally unaware these vibrations are external to you.  All you need to do is decide if you want to be the person that has these vibrations or not.

    To make this obvious, the thought 'I want to kill my boss', if you have this thought, then choose not to be this person, or stop caring so much about work, or change jobs.  There is always a choice!  Because negative thoughts bring you down into a lower vibration, and you become a lower vibrational entity over time.  Even though you may be human, you become a lower astral entity, which is like the beings that inhabit a place you would call 'hell', so do you want to become a human demon upon the earth.  If so, then go ahead and entertain these negative thoughts, and reap the negative karma, that also comes with that.

    Or chose more wisely and become a high vibrational human angel upon the earth, and gain knowledge and power beyond what seems humanly possible, and have the support and backing of other angels.

    - I hope these few points bring some people a little more clarity of what is going on in your daily lives.  A lot more is going on than you know, so slow down and try and take some notice of it.

    Much love Peter, Much Love Everyone."

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Lessons On Self-Love - Bk2 Ch6 - Lessons5


Demon Attack, with a Depression and Bleak Feeling

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So now, from the above message from Father Gaia (on the previous pages), I have been going over, and over this message, re-reading it for days.  Struggling to connect with completing my lesson, and then end my bad diet.

Look, now I know for weeks, ever since my fast ended, I have been pushed hard by different negative energies.   Currently, I have a new one, and this one is the strongest one, a demon that does not talk to me, it has been around over the past few weeks…

You say why, how can you Know?  What has been going on, for you to say this?  Well, see just the following points: -
- This negative being / negative energy / negative force was pushing ego onto me because I was told: “God, wants to bring messages through me”.  So this negative presence was trying to tell me things like “you are better than other people”, “you are the only one to bring gods messages”, “you are better than your psychic friends”, “you are indeed reaching your own true power now”.   But this information doesn’t resonate with me.  This ego was making me feel overly serious, dull, and overly self-important.  Which is not the vibration of the Prime Creator.
- Note, about the vibration of the Prime Creator has felt to me, more like it was filled with concern over me, like a mother over her children, where the children feel loved.  Also, Prime Creator doesn’t want me to bow down to him because he wants me to stand tall, filled with my own inner strength, power and pride.  I also feel the vibration of the prime creator is filled with love, joyful, and even funny at times.  Prime creator often only hides this funny side, as he knows we are often having a hard and difficult time in this reality.  
- Note about ego, is that it is not something I connect with often.  Because I secretly hate ego, but I don’t understand why I hate it so much, as I feel this is a past life thing.  Look Ego, is just someone crying out to be loved, crying out for attention.  But people with ego, I back away from, but I send them love, and see their path as a difficult one.   
- This negative presence was also pushing dark sexual thoughts on to me.   But this has happened already for years and years.  So I know, I don’t truly want to be this person anymore.  This is a lower vibrational energy, I am over it.  So I am like, thanks, but this is not me anymore, this is not who I choose to be.  Sorry, no takers here with this one.
- This negative being / negative energy / negative force has also been pushing me to eat, like especially things I know are bad for me, like meat, coffee, sweets.   It was very successful with this, as in every day.
- I have been sending this negative force “love”, saying “Thank you, you are making me stronger”, and I would not get any reply, where the last negative entity would say “thank you”.  So it was making me feel a little lost, like was this really happening or not.  As I am used to hearing voices in my head now.  
- I was feeling lost, alone, and blocked from my psychic connections also.  This is normally like a lesson, where my guides would not contact me for a few days.  But I was getting a feeling like it was not a lesson, but “I was failing to follow my true path, and this is why my guides are gone”, "because you are not strong enough to eat correctly".  So this was pushed onto me also, another negative thought!

Finally, one night, 27th August, I was worse than ever.  I felt a great depression, a great negative bleak feeling, a great blight upon my soul.  I really almost felt a suicidal feeling, which is not normal for me as I am stronger than this, and so I knew a very heavy dark negative force was with me, but it felt more like It was not external to me, it was like it was saying “I am you”.  It was very sneaky in that way.  And I do mean it, as it was a very, very heavy and dark negative force.  So, I felt like I was this negative energy because I felt this great depression and a great disappointment, as it was very heavy upon my soul.  

This entity was hiding its presence very well, but it was saying things in my own words, to hide it coming from externally to me.  It is saying things like, “you hypocrite, teaching others when you are failing”, “you’re not helping people connecting to you, with messages from spirit”, “your messages are being manipulated”, “your book, and your messages are silly”, “you’re not helping others”, “you are failing”, etc., etc.  Can you feel the looping negative thoughts I was getting?  But it was happening slowly, not like a normal negative entity attack, and was done in a far more complex and sneaky fashion.  

So I reached out to a psychic human friend, who would understand me.  And would understand, if I said “look I know I am beings heavily attacked, but I am OK.  I am not looking for help.”  Only for them to say, “yes I know my friend, this also has been happening to me, at times”.

Then I could feel a screaming inside me again, which I have felt for over a week.  Now another psychic friend told me this last week, “That this screaming inside, was my own inner strength wanting to me to not suppress it any longer.”  But the vision I was getting about this, was this was a demon wraith type entity screaming, and not me.  Note, negative entities normally try to discourage you from connecting to things, other people, or higher density beings that can help you.

But I have no fear, and I trusted my psychic friend to rely upon a little with what he sees, and he was channelling "Horus" well at the time.  So, I connected to this inner energy and channelled it.  So now I pushed against this great depression.  I meditated, grounded, I cleared my space with light languages and I imagined a ball of light filling my space.  Then I toned with my voice, clearing further, then I toned again and I brought love, peace, joy into my heart.  It worked because then this great depression suddenly lifted, the dark energy smothering me, was gone.

Now, note this is very similar to how my fear lessons have happened.  I great fear pushing at me, and I learnt to reach inside myself, and connect with my own inner strength, and I get ready, then eventually I would say “bring it on negative entity”, and then the negative energy pushing at me suddenly just dissipates, lifting away. 

Maybe only an angel was powerful enough to do this to me.  To pretend to be this negative force, and therefore would do this for me, "out of love".  In a hope that this would force me to connect with, and use my own true inner strength.

So negativity pushed upon you, can bring you out of depression, and bring you out of a place of self-pity.  Negativity used in the right way is the great teacher, and makes you a stronger soul.  

I only hope this information helps others.

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